Current turnaround time is 2-4 weeks!

Winter Model Search Begins

November 04, 2017

Now that we've hit our one year mark since the grand opening, Copper Paws is holding a second Model Search! I decided to make a blog post about this so that you can decide whether you truly want to model for the company, and get more in-depth information about what it is we're looking for. The main things to point out are listed below:

1) High quality photography is a must. These photos will be posted on the website and our social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook. 
2) Attention to detail. Tags can be challenging to model because it is a small accessory with lots of detail. We need photographers who can really capture the beauty of these tags within a photo, and not just photograph a dog wearing a tag.
3) Copper Paws is all about ADVENTURE. We love seeing dogs, big and small, hitting the trails, beaches, mountains, and fields. Our models are all adventurous dogs who can take their tags out in nature and field test them as well as model them. 
4) Models are expected to post at least 1-2 photos per week that include products from Copper Paws. Each account will receive a specific discount code to include on ALL of their posts, and a special discount for their own purchases and gifts. 
5) All of our models get to know each other pretty well. We are a big family and would love to welcome TWO new models into the gig, however we are looking for more than just pretty photography. The person behind the camera is also important to us. Please tell me a little about yourself in your initial entry into the Model Search, that way we can see if the fit is right for each of us.
6) I regularly seek feedback from my models on how they like new products, before they get released to the public. I also periodically send new designs out to models for special releases, so quick return of photos is highly appreciated. We use Dropbox mostly for photo sharing, but email will work as well.

Model term length is indefinite, but will be terminated at any point should conflicts arise.

Does this sound like something you and your dog would be interested in? Please apply to be a model by following the rules on our Instagram page, @copper.paws. Thank you all for making year one a success, now lets see what we can do during year two! 

~Casey, Owner

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