Current Turnaround: 1-2 weeks!

Single-Sided Curvy Tag

This tag will have ALL information on the front of the tag. I can fit ONE phone number on this design. 

Please choose one stamp for the design, if you wish. You can choose anything you've seen around my shop, as long as it isn't too big for the tag with text. This will only be good for one stamp, not multiple designs at the bottom. If there are issues with your design choice, I will reach out to you and discuss options. This choice should be typed into the "Design Notes" box.

I can not do international phone numbers longer than 15 numbers in length. Please do not add phone numbers with punctuation marks.

All tags are hand stamped, rather than laser engraved. This means that no two tags will be identical. We do our best to get the letters evenly spaced, but there will be a uniqueness to each and every tag. 

Copper, brass, and aluminum will tarnish over time, it is inevitable. This process will occur faster when exposed to rough elements such as rain and dirt. To clean up a tag, use a general polishing solution. We use a natural polish on each tag before it is shipped out to help prevent corrosion longer, but again, all metal will rust over time.

When you order a tag, it comes with black enamel in the lettering which may wear over time. No worries! You can take a fine tipped Sharpie and color in the lettering, then wipe away the extra with a polishing cloth. 

Finally, make sure to always clip your leash to your dog's collar, NOT the tag's hardware. Attaching the leash to the tag is potentially dangerous and if your dog were to pull very hard, the key ring may break open. Collars have a spot for your leash, so please use that instead! 

Tags are custom made to order for each dog and could take up to two weeks to be shipped out. Please double check the spelling and phone number you put in. There will be no re-makes for an error on your end. If we make a mistake, please contact us within one week of receiving your order and we will discuss the issues individually.

The tag is equal to 1-1/4 inch. Special requests? Just send us an email!

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