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Written by: Casey Shayne

One of the biggest questions we get around here is whether the phone number will be stamped on the back of the tag, or on the front. The short answer is that for all normal hanging tags, the phone number is always on the back. For our Wild Slides, the phone number appears on the front because the back is hidden by the collar or harness being used on the dog.

That leads us to the next most popular question asked: Can I put two phone numbers or an address on the back of the tag? Here's where things get dicey.

Due to the size of my stamps and the fact that everything is done by hand, I do not put addresses on the back of the tags. Many of the tags are cut in unique shapes that don't accommodate lengthy information. They're either not wide enough or not tall enough to fit multiple lines of text. Therefore, addresses do not fit on the back of my tags.

Phone numbers are another story! 

I have a small font for phone numbers that allows me to fit more than one on a tag. However, by using a smaller font, I change the number formatting a little bit for different shapes and setups. I have created a guide below in hopes of showing you what to expect when you opt for two phone numbers on the back of your dog tags.

NOTE: Some numbers have been removed from the example photos to protect customer privacy.

For US and Canada phone number formatting, the standard tag with one phone number usually looks like this:

Standard phone numbers

International formatting is slightly different for each country, but usually I split a phone number into two lines for this larger font and ease of reading. 

Standard Kitty Tag formatting looks like this:

Standard Kitty Tag

Now, when you opt in for two phone numbers on the back of a dog tag, the formatting of the numbers will depend on your area codes. If the two numbers have the same area code, your tag will have the normal phone number font. If the two numbers have differing area codes, the smaller font will be used and each number will have its own line. I don't have small enough punctuation to match this font, so the numbers just appear with spaces between sections.

Two phones, same area codeTwo phones, different area codes 

For most International phone numbers, I can accommodate two phone numbers. That being said, when both phone numbers include (+) before the numbers, I start running out of room. It is much easier for me to make a number look nice without including the plus signs.

Two international phone numbers

Wild Slides hold one phone number in general, but certain designs will accommodate two phone numbers if you choose the 1" or 1.5" sizes. Those designs will have drop-down menus so you'll easily be able to tell if the option to add a second number is available or not.

Standard 1" Wild Slide format

Some tags will not hold more than one phone number. For example: the animal or nature shaped tags, washers, hearts, and any other uniquely shaped tags you might find down the line, will not hold two phone numbers. Here is a photo of some of our specially shaped tags showing one phone number on the back.

 Special shapes

I hope this guide helps in deciding what information to put on the back of your tags! If you need clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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