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Project Outback

Project Outback

by Casey Shayne January 24, 2020

Current Trees Planted: 487 / 500 as of May 15th.

Australia Strong PawprintWe've all heard about the natural disaster sweeping across Australia: bushfires. Australia goes through a fire season each year, but this year's is the most deadly it's ever been. While it's destroyed homes and trees, it hasn't stopped there: 24 people and millions of animals have been caught in the fires. Copper Paws wants to help combat the fires by planting trees where the fires ruined the habitats of many animal species, especially the koala.

With over 15 million acres of land destroyed, trees have become scarce and bushes are few and far in between. Koalas are at a high risk because they are genetically prone to thinking that climbing a tree will remove them from danger; but that's just the opposite during a bushfire. Not only do they climb trees, they also move slowly and can't escape quickly enough. Over 8,000 koalas have been killed already, and that number is expected to rise. 

How are we going to help?
As I mentioned above, Copper Paws will be planting trees where fires have taken down these natural habitats.

Our goal is to plant 500 trees across Australia once the fires have ceased.

Interested in helping us? Here's our roster of items that go towards planting trees:

  • Outback Apparel: 10 trees per item sold
  • Australia Strong Apparel: 10 trees per item sold
  • Outback Sticker: 3 trees per item sold
  • Australia Strong Sticker: 3 trees per item sold
  • 2 Sticker Combo Pack: 6 trees per item sold
  • Kanga Dog Tag: 10 trees per item sold
  • Roo Dog Tag: 10 trees per item sold
  • Kanga Kitty Tag: 10 trees per item sold

I'll keep track of the donations here, with a full tally so you can all see of our progress towards 500 trees. We're starting this goal on January 24th for reference. Let's see what the Instagram community is capable of! 

Current Trees Planted: 487 / 500 as of May 15th.

Thank you to our donors:

  • Michelle G.
  • Rachael A.
  • Amy T.
  • Rachel B.
  • Penny S.
  • Daria D.
  • Alexis H.
  • Jenny I.
  • Grant R.
  • Julia L.
  • Katelyn V.
  • Taylor R.
  • Melissa W.
  • Kristin S.
  • Paige M.
  • Austin K.
  • Kelly D.
  • Stephanie S.
  • Charis C.
  • Kristina B.
  • Sarah B.
  • Kendra B.
  • Lara H.
  • Amelia R.
  • Ashleigh B.
  • Howard S.
  • Jessica M.
  • Rachel O.
  • Miriah S.
  • Emili L.
  • Rebecca G.
  • Vincent C.
  • Amelie P.
  • Alexandra B.
  • Amanda V.
  • Alexandra P.
  • Asiahna G.
  • Taylor F.
  • Leslie F.
  • Autumn W.
  • Shannon R.
  • Nakanant N.
  • Sofia V.
  • Alexis A.
  • Anika G.

Australia Strong

Casey Shayne
Casey Shayne


Casey has years of experience in the world of dogs. What started as a love for animals developed into something so much more. She made many connections working at a local pet store, then began developing Copper Paws throughout college. She has a degree in Accounting and is now a full-time business owner. She has two dogs of her own, Ruby the Australian Shepherd and Rosie the Boston Terrier, and enjoys hiking and reading in her spare time.

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